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Letter from the Director: The Global Grassroots

“I don’t like people who eat dogs.” my then 7-year old son said matter-of-factly to our two South Korean house guests, totally out of the blue. Without missing a beat, one of them gently replied, “We try to have tolerance … Continue reading

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Another BLITZ in the Books

By Eric Anderson Community Events Coordinator From May 13th – 27th Victory Garden Initiative was again able to build over 500 gardens throughout the Milwaukee Area! This was our 9th BLITZ, and the gardens built this year bring our total … Continue reading

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Solutions: Powdery Mildew

What it is So what is powdery mildew anyway? This fungus is a type of mildew that is marked by a white floury covering consisting of spores on both sides of a plant’s leaves. It is one of the most … Continue reading

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Inspiration From Detroit

In March, Victory Garden Initiative was invited to attend the Detroit Food Policy Summit as a member of the Midwest Food Council. Gretchen Mead and Beverly Tyree attended to learn, participate, and be inspired. Inspiration can be found in the … Continue reading

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Buzz at The FARM

April was an amazing time at the Farm! With spring finally arriving, the planting has begun, areas that have previously had grass are changed to grow food, and the landscape is turning beautifully lush. Ian, the Farms farmer, and volunteers spent … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Farewell To My VGI Family

Dear VGI Community, When I first arrived back to Milwaukee after spending two and a half years in the Peace Corps in rural Panama, where I had lived without electricity and showered under the stars, I was in a bit … Continue reading

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Letter from the Director: An Invitation to Cure Loneliness, Yours and Others

There is a faint memory that manifests repeatedly in my mind…. It comes on the same way that trying to remember a dream from the night before comes, scarcely bringing back the details, with a feeling that I cannot quite … Continue reading

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Grow a Vertical Garden with These Easy Steps

by Guest Author Jenna Lynn Buege If you find yourself wishing you could grow a garden but are lacking the space, look no further! Have you ever heard of a vertical garden? Vertical gardens were inspired by nature — think … Continue reading

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Fruity Nutty Nifty Thrifty

Apologies for the mixed-up link! If you’d like to order a BLITZ garden bed, please click here! Friends, It’s been seven years since we first began a program to help people grow fruit trees in the city.  It started with … Continue reading

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VGI Is Everywhere

Dear Friends of VGI, On behalf of the board of directors, committed staff and all the dedicated volunteers, we want to THANK YOU all for helping us reach our Annual Giving goal of over $30,000 for 2016!! We are all deeply … Continue reading

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