Buzz at The FARM

April was an amazing time at the Farm! With spring finally arriving, the planting has33612876323_a9a388143a_o.jpg begun, areas that have previously had grass are changed to grow food, and the landscape is turning beautifully lush.

Ian, the Farms farmer, and volunteers spent an afternoon inoculating mushrooms – Turkey Tail and Oyster – by drilling holes, inserting mushroom plugs, and capping with wax. Now, we keep them moist and watch them grow. We will be doing more of this in the future, so watch for special announcements to find out more about helping out.

34292079621_c432e92275_o.jpgHoneybees are critical to our food system and growing food – in fact, more than 1/4 of our food system relies on bees for pollination. We installed (or introduced) honeybees to new hives at the farm. Check out the“>Facebook live video to watch Ian install the bees and hives while sharing his knowledge by answering questions for those watching. We will be caring for the hives throughout the summer and look forward to working side-by-side with the honeybees on the farm.

A big thank you to one of our volunteers, Quinn Wilder, who donated hops rhizomes to plant along the fence line at the Farm. Hops are a beautiful vine that grows tall, provides cover for the industrial-looking fence, and after a few years will provide a great harvest. Thank you to the many volunteers that helped with the planting!


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