Grow a Vertical Garden with These Easy Steps

by Guest Author Jenna Lynn Buege

If you find yourself wishing you could grow a garden but are lacking the space, look no further! Have you ever heard of a vertical garden? Vertical gardens were inspired by nature — think vines growing up the sides of a building. This type of gardening allows one to utilize small spaces and create something beautiful by growing plants in a vertical fashion. How is this done you ask? Keep reading to find out!


Before jumping into action you must first decide what style of vertical garden you want to grow. There are plenty of options to choose from such as the container style garden, a plastic or wooden wall garden, or perhaps a pocket style garden. One creates a container style garden by either attaching potted plants to a wall or by stacking planters. If you are the proud owner of a pocket shoe-rack such as the one in the photo below, or if you’re feeling crafty, a pocket style garden might be a wise choice. Plants can be easily placed in these compact chambers and the rack is no trouble to hang. Last but not least, the option of a plastic/wooden wall garden. Use a large wooden or plastic wall planter, which can be made from an old wood pallet or a recyclable plastic pallet.


Next you will want to consider placement. It is very important that your plants get enough sunlight each day. Keep an eye on the area you are thinking of placing your vertical garden and take note of how many hours of sunlight the area is exposed to. It is a good idea to look for a spot with half-exposure. This means the area is neither all sun nor all shade, it gets a little bit of both!

You should also do some research on what kind of plants you’d like to grow. Take into consideration your sunshine allotment and be sure to choose plants that are flexible and able to move. Since the garden will be vertical, you want plants that are soft and able to accommodate the space well.


Potting soil is a good option for your vertical garden, as it will help to retain water. It should be noted that a vertical garden can dry out quickly. Because of this fact, watering is also an important factor to keep in mind. You will want to keep the plants that require the most moisture at the bottom of your vertical garden so that any water that trickles down reaches them and doesn’t drown someone else who doesn’t need all that H2O.

The different styles of vertical gardens are endless! These adorable gardens are a great way to utilize your green thumb even when you don’t have much space.


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