Wild and Scenic Film Festival, “Joanna Macy and the Great Turning”

This week, we’re featuring an article by Emily Thornburg at the River Revitalization Foundation. On August 7, they are hosting the next Wild and Scenic Film Festival, the world’s largest environmental film festival!

Read on to hear about one of her favorite featured films.

by Emily Thornburg
River Revitalization Foundation

Wild and Scenic Film Festival, “Joanna Macy and the Great Turning”

“Joanna Macy and the Great Turning” is a film that offers an inspirational, revolutionary perspective on the current state of our environment. Joanna defines the Great Turning as being “the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.” Instead of focusing on ways that we’ve damaged the planet, she delivers a more optimistic message. A message of hope for our planet, that each of us should seize this opportunity to make a positive environmental difference in our local community. This opportunity to be a part of what she entitles the “3rd revolution of our human journey.” Joanna Macy is an eco-philosopher located in California. Her outlook on life and personal experiences are truly motivational, this is not a film you want to miss!

This film is just one aspect of this year’s Wild and Scenic program. WSFF is the world’s largest environmental film festival. This event was designed to inform the local community on topics such as conservation, water, climate change, and the wildlife that exists even in our urban environment. These films can play a vital role in creating awareness regarding the importance of being caretakers of the soil, trees, plants, and water- every aspect of this beautiful planet we live in! Right now it’s more important than ever to be environmentally sustainable. Some ways to do this include sponsoring a community garden, participating in the Victory Garden Blitz, and volunteering at your local land trust!

The River Revitalization Foundation (your local land trust) will be hosting WSFF August 7th at 5 PM, films will be shown at dusk. Other event activities include a raffle, outdoor climbing wall, and eating yummy food. The RRF is located at 2134 North Riverboat Road in Milwaukee, WI. For more information about us visit http://www.riverrevitalizationfoundation.org, for more information on WSFF visit www.wildandscenicfilmfestival.org. Bring your family, friends, some lawn chairs, a bottle of wine, and come participate in this inspirational (and free) event!

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