Meet VGI’s New Urban Farm Community Organizer!

by Yaa Bema Tutu
Urban Farm Community Organizer

Hey fellow VGI friends!

My name is Yaa Bema Tutu and I’m a new addition to the VGI staff! I’m originally from Ghana, living in Milwaukee for about two years now. I’m a Public Ally member working through Victory Garden Initiative to make a difference in the Milwaukee community.

Public Allies is an AmeriCorps program (so kinda like the little sibling of AmeriCorps) dedicated to leadership development and creating active participants in the community. I chose to work with VGI because I admire the work that they (now we) do! I love to cook meals, especially meals that are made from scratch! So what better way to make deliciousness from scratch than to grow your own food? In spare time I like to read a lot (mostly Young Adult novels) and listen to a lot of music, mostly alternative indie rock. I’m always open to new suggestions for reading materials. Feel free to throw out suggestions! All in all, I am thrilled to be a member of this movement and I hope to learn so much from this experience.

To be continued,


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