DIY repurposed wallet from a coffee bag

by Kati Schnierer
VGI Community Solutions Program Fellow

I have a reputation of upcycling any garbage that I find. I get especially excited when I find something I could potentially turn into an earring. I love earrings. Actually I have a saying: “everything is an earring”. I think this is what describes me even better than my introduction earlier. 🙂

I also love drinking a honey latte (I still can not get used to the Americano) and enjoy cozy coffee places. That’s why I decided to make a new wallet from a coffee bag that also reminds me of the coffee shop I like a lot.


Making this wallet is super easy – you can do it yourself following my guide. Feel free to use your imagination and invent other ways of doing it too! (and tell us about them!)  😉

Step 1. Cut the parts you don’t need!

20140920_100406 20140920_100514 20140920_100524
Fold up the bottom so the bag is flat and roll it up one more time. (The first part you folded up will be the base of your wallet and the next will form the flap.)

20140920_100546 20140920_100551 20140920_100604
Cut the bag off (excess material) above your last fold. (where I am pointing with my fingernails)…

… then you should get this.

Step 2. Create a flap for your wallet

20140920_100829 20140920_100857
Insert your scissors inside the bag. You will be cutting the side apart. Cut the vertical line I am following on the second picture above till the point I show with my fingernails on the first. Repeat on the otherside so that your ‘flap’ is free.

20140920_100932 20140920_100942
Taking care not to cut off the flap you made, cut off the material opposite of it (where i am pointing my pinky, because you only need one flap. 🙂

20140920_101005 20140920_101013
… till you get this.

Step 3.: Round the corners of the flap and than fold the bottom.

20140920_101130 20140920_101838 20140920_101032
Round corners (on left).  Then fold the bottom like on the right picture.The result is in the middle picture.

Step 4.: Install Velcro to close your wallet
I was using an adhesive Velcro, but beware! The adhesive is not very long lasting so it is better to sew them too as reinforcement!

20140920_101558 20140920_101646 20140920_101653
To make sure both sides of the Velcro are in line with each other, glue only one of them first. Then put the second part of Velcro onto the previously attached strip. Remove adhesive covering (or apply glue!) and fold the flap on it letting the top part of the Velcro stick on the flap.

20140920_101707 20140920_101721 20140920_103614
I was fixing the Velcro with some cute, X-shaped stitches. (used needle and spool of thread)

And ready! 🙂

Another way of closing your wallet instead of a Velcro is a button and a stretchy something (elastic piece, hair tie, rubber band). Make sure to make the coffee bag where you are going to insert the band and the button extra strong. I used a piece of plastic (something I found in the recycling bin) and a piece of duct tape. This way your button and latch won’t get torn from the bag. 
20140920_104200 20140920_104219

Good news! Some lovely employees of Collectivo at Prospect were kind enough to set aside some empty coffee bags for crafting. To my surprise, my boyfriend got really excited about making a more complicated wallet for himself as well. In our next episode we might let you know how he did this nice piece:

20140925_220308 20140925_220247

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