Introducing our fellow from Hungary

by Kati Schnierer
VGI Community Solutions Program Fellow

Just as the last two years, VGI is hosting a fellow from another country with the Community Solutions Program, a program of the U.S. Department of State implemented by IREX. This year it is me, Kati Schnierer, from Hungary, Europe. The Community Solutions Program is a leadership program that brings community leaders working for causes like environment, transparency and accountability, gender issues, or conflict resolution and tolerance from 54 countries from around the world to the US. Besides our leadership training (that mostly happens online) we all do our 4 month fellowships at various host organizations around the country. Unfortunately I am the only leader in Wisconsin, so if you want to meet another person, you will have to travel to Saint Paul.
At home I am the new executive director of a nonprofit called Messzelátó Egyesület. Messzelátó means binoculars and also means to see far, see the future, which makes sense because we work in the field of sustainability. Our main goal is to promote sustainable urban lifestyle and volunteering through building a strong, open-minded, creative, and active community. We organize practical workshops to teach adults how they can improve their lifestyles to be more environmental conscious and healthy. (See our activity in pictures online!)
We have food-related programs as well such as the 50 Kilometer Diet, which focuses on the promoting local, seasonal food and we are also active in a community garden located in the city centre of Budapest.
During my stay here I’d like to focus on learning about fundraising, strategic planning, and volunteer management by helping the work of Gretchen and Alysse. I also help out at the Concordia Gardens usually Thursdays. I arrived at the beginning of August and will stay till the end of November. If you’d like to meet me, show me around or suggest me programs, I am more than open to it! 🙂 My e-mail is
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2 Responses to Introducing our fellow from Hungary

  1. Ed Garrett says:

    It is my old flat behind the tree!

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