Farm Stand

by Kati Schnierer
VGI Community Solutions Program Fellow

It is always fun to be a part of the Farm Stand, which happens every Thursday at Concordia Gardens. (More on Facebook. Please invite yourself and your friends! 🙂 ) We start picking vegetables when kids arrive to the garden, which now that school started usually happens around 3. Our farmer, Cullen, provides us a list of veggies what should be picked. Lately a lot of Swiss chard and green beans grew. And beautiful tomatoes and squash! Yummy! (Also we have to admit that we keep eating them while picking… I love those crispy green beans!)

IMG_20140904_162634 IMG_4541

The Farm Stand is now open from 4-6pm. There are some customers who came from far places, and many neighbors! This is thanks to the kids’ marketing activity. Melody was so cute—some weeks ago she kept cheerleading on the sidewalk when anybody passed on the street. She jumped around and shouted ‘Buy our vegetables!’. 🙂 You should also consider coming. It is great fun and the veggies are super fresh, organic and handled with a lot of love!

Fast Facts:

  • 100% of the proceeds go toward the Farm Stand youth pay.
  • We have sold over $100 in vegetables over the past 3 weeks, and the youth have taken home between $5 – $10 per day.
  • It has been a great crash course in fresh produce sales and marketing and basic workplace skills. 
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